The Staff of Ekology Group started its experience in street LED lighting more precisely in the design of tunnels lighting, both as concerns the (internal) permanent lightning and the inlets one.
The search for a greater efficiency has encouraged the study to find a solution that could connect the care in the design and the possiility to limit as much as possible the device size, to the great technique performances, so that the light source is no longer to be considered a device that ensures the brightness needed, but also a furnishing and design object.
This path has led to the choice of LED Multichip which have allowed to have lamps with a great luminous flux, thus performing, but very compact, especially if compared with the competition.
Due to the particular historical moment – and the financial difficulties linked to it – the company decision was to focus increasingly on energy saving , even after the recent laws suggesting this direction and asking the administrations the drafting and optimization of the PRIC (Municipal Lighting Plan).The company resources have been more and more turned to the small local governments, including in its offer also the supply of electricity and organizing itself to manage Global Service and Project Financing.These contracts are now a big advantage for the administration, which entrusts the company several services whose ultimate aim is to ensure the full efficiency of the plants.Ekology Group can now manage all aspects relating to energy saving in public lighting, thanks to its professional resources, consolidated engineering, legal and financial know-how at its disposal.